Application Performance Problems?

Stability Issues?

Sysadmins and Developers can only blame each other?

Tired of the “experts” with no idea how to solve the problem?

Let us help You with real expertise!


Whether You build SOA,

or just a simple application,

several things can lead to poor response times or reliability problems:

  • design issues,
  • poor coding practices,
  • configuration issues at various levels,
  • integration problems

Typically, an awkward combination of them causes the problems.
Thus the solution requires the combination of architect, coder, and administrator skills.

How can we help?

We have a talented, hard-working team of experts with significant experience with technologies, like:

  • application servers
  • portal servers
  • messaging
  • ESB and integration solutions

proven by 20+ vendor certification.

Beyond troubleshooting, we rotate our experts between roles of design, coding and administration.
Our experts helped to resolve stability and performance issues of several clients, like:

Our approach

  1. develop an understanding of Your issues and study the basic architecture of the system
  2. give You a detailed offer and plan on how we can approach the problem (T&M or fixed price depending on Your expectations and what we find realistic)
  3. if You like the plan, we start detailed investigation, which may include some or all of the following (parallel):
    • Configuration analysis
      We review the configuration of Your system down to the last tweaking parameters (including the operating system, application server, web server, MQ, etc.)
    • Code analysis
      If we can even consult Your developers: hurray! Oh, maybe You don’t even have the source code? No problem!
    • Log and runtime analysis
      We can either work on a dedicated test environment if the problem is reproducible, or try to gain information from Your production system via non-invasiv monitoring tools.
  4. we come up with a package of recommendations that may include:
    • Configuration changes
    • Code change recommendations
    • Database tuning
    • Changes in the integration solution or architecture in general (worst case)
  5. we test our recommendations and iterate as necessary to achieve Your goals


Just like curing human disease, troubleshooting is exploratory, so it is hard to predict and guarantee the results.
However, we are confident enough to offer some guarantees to mitigate Your risk:


If we improve, but fail to reach the agreed performance goals,
You only pay 33% of our fee.


If we fail to show any improvement, You pay nothing.

Contact us now!

We value Your time,
so You can reach directly
one of our senior architects by calling:



Danubius Expert PLC
Árpád út 67.
1042 Budapest

Although our headquarters is in Budapest,
we are flexible and can manage to work on your site,
anywhere in Europe.

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